Welcome to our Kids’ Corner! Our dentist in Farmington, New Mexico, and our team believe in making dental visits as positive as possible. Please explore our Kids’ Corner to find activities for your child that will help them engage with dental care and feel more at ease when they visit Beckland Dental Kids. If you have any questions or if you want to set up an appointment with Dr. Lauren Schau, call us today at 505-278-8806.

Recommendations of books to read before dental visit:


You tube videos to watch before dental visit:

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Songs to sing when brushing your child’s teeth:

  • Brush your teeth song by Raffi
  • Baby Shark
  • Wheels on the Bus


Tooth brushing apps to use with your kiddos:

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Tooth Fairy Pouch/Box:


Tooth Fairy Letter Template:


Slime Recipes links: